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01.10.10 Just the Snacks January 10, 2010

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Today was an important lesson in not getting ahead of myself.

We’re a football household in the fall and wintertime, and pre-baby spent many a cozy Sunday afternoon in comfy clothes with some yummy food and a beer or five watching the games at home or with friends. My husband does fantasy football every year, which makes games other than the ones that our home team is involved in become a little more interesting. A few weeks ago, I found myself up past midnight on a Monday because his fantasy football championship rested on the performance of the Vikings kicker.

Things have been a little different since the baby came along, but with the DVR and some adaptations (less beer, more farm animals and Peek-a-Blocks) we’ve still managed to have some family football time on Sundays. I was sort of thinking that would be the One Fabulous Thing for today: watching the Patriots win their first-round playoff game against the Ravens, with the game start coinciding nicely with the start of the baby’s second nap. I had some special-treat snacks ready to go and everything.

Two things happened that threw this plan off course. First, we had to take some steps to ensure that a potential flea problem didn’t get worse. The DVR was called into service and we gave baths to the cats as soon as the baby’s head hit his crib mattress. Wet cats are not fabulous.

The second is that the Pats lost in a big, bad way. I wish I could be writing about how it was great football anyway, and what a way to go out, and…no. Wow, it was bad.

After the cats had dried, and the Ravens had scored two touchdowns before we even really knew what was happening, we still had the special snacks. And they were fabulous.

I love good snacks and appetizers, because they give you more of an opportunity to have a mix of different flavors and foods than just eating an entree. Growing up, we were a pretty traditional family with meals – a protein, a starch, a vegetable. Fortunately, my parents are good cooks so it was all pretty tasty. Once in a while though, for a special occasion like the yearly network television showing of The Wizard of Oz, we got to have appetizers for dinner. Crackers with spreads, veggies and dip, that sort of thing. S. over at small tastes writes about a similar memory from childhood, so maybe it’s common among people from our generation?

Either way, it’s still a special occasion thing in my adult life. In my single days, I belonged to a book group where it became a tradition to eat kalamata olives, good cheese, crackers, and pepperoni with a decent wine while discussing the book. While we were dating, my husband and I would sometimes have carpet picnics in my old apartment with a selection of treats from the Whole Foods prepared foods counter while watching a movie.

These days, it’s usually reserved for an at-home date night or an important sporting event. I like it this way, because we usually eat food that is a little more healthy and a little less expensive, and it’s nice to not have everything all the time so you really appreciate it when you do have it. Today in particular, the sporting event disappointed, but the snacks did not.

So, Fabulous Thing #10: Good snacks on the table that made us (almost) forget about the lousy action on the field.


2 Responses to “01.10.10 Just the Snacks”

  1. S. Says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I was reading along thinking, “OMG, yes, and coincidentally I JUST wrote about that very thing!” And then–shazam–there I was!

    Really enjoying your blog, by the way.

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