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Recipe: Snack Selection January 10, 2010

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OK, again this is not really a recipe. This collection of food items served together was particularly delicious and satisfying (if not particularly exotic), so I thought I’d share.

The Dippers/Bases: Triscuits, sea salt pita chips, thin slices of baguette, slices of Granny Smith apple

The Savory Dips/Spreads/Toppings: Herbed garlic cheese, red pepper hummus, pepperoni, baked brie en croute

The Sweet Dip: Cream cheese spread in a small pan, with caramel topping poured over that layer, with granola on top. Swiping the Granny Smith slices through that mix is a little bit of fabulous in every bite. (Thanks to a good friend for that idea as I headed to the grocery store the other night).

What Was Missing: The kalamata olives that I left on the belt at the self-checkout stand. Boo.


One Response to “Recipe: Snack Selection”

  1. The other day Elliot started to eat kalamatas. I was secretly happy that after the first he fed the second to the dog. More for me!

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