One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

01.11.10 Cheap Laughs January 11, 2010

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Today was the kind of day that made me want to cheat with my blog entry, and talk about how fabulous it feels to give someone a present that they really, really like. Two problems with that plan: 1) That picture was taken yesterday, when we gave the baby his birthday present early, and 2) Yesterday wasn’t even his birthday, so we were really just giving a kid a new toy. Seems a little bit too much like a setup to count.

So today wasn’t great. Today is the first day that I have really struggled to come up with One Fabulous Thing about the day, and the first day I have felt so uninspired. There were moments that were great – rolling a ball back and forth with the kiddo who acted like I had just invented fun, my husband choosing to skip the meeting he had tonight to come home instead – but the wonderful, lucky thing about my life is that these types of things are a part of most days.

OK, so typing that out is helpful actually. Concentrating on the good things, even the good things that I have just integrated into my experience of everyday life, is helpful.

Also helpful is having a friend mention how funny a few of the sketches from last week’s Saturday Night Live were, and reminding me of the comedic genius that is Andy Samberg. Of particular note are I Threw It On The Ground, I’m On A Boat, and Jizz In My Pants. I had not seen I’m On A Boat until she referenced it, and I am glad that I have now.

One of my many shortcomings is that I have a really hard time summarizing things, so I won’t even try. I will say that laughing so hard I lose my breath a little was unexpected at the end of the day today, and it went a long way toward helping me unwind. The fact that I can call up these gems for free in a few seconds anytime I need a quick pick-me-up is pretty fabulous.

So, Fabulous Thing #11: Hilarious comedy clips on the internet. (What? They can’t all be pithy sayings)


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