One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

01.12.10 More Than The Sum of Its Parts January 12, 2010

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Today was a day where things just clicked into place. It wasn’t an easy day, work is challenging right now on a lot of levels. I find that I can do OK with challenging things, and problem-solving around them is actually one of my favorite aspects of my job. Instead of the big stuff, it tends to be the little petty things that throw me off course and cause me to waste time feeling frustrated and ruminating over them. Traffic. Getting my coat all dirty on my salty car because someone parked too close to me and I have to sidle in. Techinical difficulties at work that put me behind schedule. My coffee tipping over all over my feet as I pull out of the coffee shop parking lot.

Today didn’t have any of those things. Instead, I left home at exactly the same time as I did yesterday and got to work 15 minutes earlier. What a great feeling that is, to have 15 extra minutes to sit down at my desk and look at the day ahead before rushing into meetings. I got an email from my husband that contained this line: “You are the straw that stirs the delicious cocktail that is our family,” appropos of nothing, that gave me a smile and a nice feeling to carry around for the rest of the day. When I left work today, I realized it is significantly lighter at that time than it has been, which is a real psychological boost – we’re on the way back to longer days!

For the first time ever at daycare pickup, my son sat in a tiny chair as I got him all suited up for the elements, waving like a tiny daycare mayor at all of his friends and the staff. On the way home, I was finally able to navigate the geography of his new carseat to get his pacifier back to him successfully without veering like a lunatic all over the highway.

In the short minutes of precious playtime that we have post-work and pre-dinner, I had the inspiration to make a puppet with a sock and a black Sharpie. The baby was delighted, cautiously putting his fingers in its “mouth” and giggling when he got “bit.” It was so worth having a sock without a mate (new duster?) or a pair of socks where one now has a face to look up at me, grinning.

American Idol is back, and there were (spoiler!) two sixteen-year-old women (Maddy Curtis and Katie Stevens), that restored my faith in adolescents and were amazingly talented. Also Victoria Beckham is really very sweet and likeable, I think she should talk more and pose in severe outfits less.

It’s about 11:30 where I am, and I just finished the work I had to take home tonight about a half hour ago. But my husband brought home cannoli, and I got to celebrate finishing with one of those. Not bad, in all.

Could I say any one of these things was the One Fabulous? I don’t think so. Well, maybe the bit about being the straw in the cocktail, that was pretty great.

So, Fabulous Thing #12: All the small things that add up to a whole lot.


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