One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

01.16.2010 Before, During, After January 18, 2010

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This post is a bit delayed because of the fabulous thing about Saturday: spending a night away from home, in an amazing hotel, with two women who I have known since the very beginning of college. We are about to reach the point when we will have known each other for longer in our lives than we have not, and it is the type of relationship where we start talking the minute we see each other, and still have things to say as we get into our cars the next afternoon to head back home.

The past few years have been significant ones for the three of us, for reasons good and bad. I’ve been contemplating how to write about these things, but the details are not significant and not solely mine to share. One thing that emerged from our conversations this weekend was the issue of scars. Scars like these ones, and these ones, and this one, and all of the other ones that you can’t find visual representation of on the internet. Scars that weren’t part of our lives when we met so many years ago, but are now representations of the things that are taking center stage in our present lives. Illness, surgery, nightmares. Survival, birth, taming the monsters in the closet.

Would I say that the fabulous thing is that we’ve all emerged stronger, wiser, better people because of these things we carry with us, inside and out? No, I wouldn’t. I think we would have become just as strong, wise, and good without all the stuff in the way. I don’t like the story about needing to overcome adversity; I much prefer the story about good people getting what they deserve.

The One Fabulous Thing is that we all have each other, still. These are my people, from before the name changes and careers and babies and scars. They were my people through those things, and they will be my people for a long time to come. This trip marked the beginning of a hopeful tradition that will find us three sitting in the lounge of that fancy hotel as little old ladies, still chattering away about the full lives we’ve had and what’s coming next.

So, Fabulous Thing #16: Finding, and keeping, your people.


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