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01.17.2010 Drumroll Please… January 18, 2010

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From my post the other day encouraging people to donate to the relief efforts in Haiti and offering to make a donation myself based on comments on that post, 41 people made comments. 41 people! (Out of over 200 that viewed the post, but still!) The majority vote for the organization that will get the money generated from those comments went to Partners In Health, an organization that has already had a presence in Haiti and will be providing invaluable services throughout the initial and sustaining relief efforts.

From some of the comments, it looks like the post had the intended effect of encouraging people to make an easy, small donation of their own while they were reminded of it. There are also stories of some good news emerging from the initial rescue efforts there, including some of families being reunited with their loved ones after several long days of worry.

So the behaviorist in me is so disappointed in myself, since I have to now admit that I was going to donate the whole $250 regardless of how many people commented. Why should the people of Haiti suffer because some people have internet-forum-comment-submission stage fright? However, that doesn’t mean if I do something similar in the future I won’t stick to the limits that I have set. You’re on notice.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read, maybe comment, maybe make a donation of your own. The rising tide raises all boats, to paraphrase JFK. Thanks for helping to add a few drops to the ocean.

So, Fabulous Thing #17: Delurking for dollars worked!


One Response to “01.17.2010 Drumroll Please…”

  1. Florinda Says:

    Nice going, and a great choice to receive your donation! (And thank you for helping out my own comment-for-donations efforts for the Red Cross.)

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