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01.18.2010 Harbingers January 18, 2010

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It might be a little premature to be waiting on spring to arrive, but there were signs all around today that it will actually come.

First was my mailbox, heavy with seed catalogs that I forgot to get out on Saturday. They were like early Valentines, bright and surprising among the 401K statements and utility bills. This will be my first year trying my hand at gardening, but given the increasing concerns about BPA in packaged foods, I am even more eager to see what I can get to grow in my backyard.

I’m in the planning stages now, looking at catalogs like Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Gurney’s, and Henry Field’s. I am also looking into Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds, a company in its second year that is run by a 17 year old. I have a feeling that I will mention this guy in future conversations with my son about initiative, organization, entrepreneurship –  the possibilities for lectures are endless. Especially if his seeds are any good.

To prepare for what I will do with these seeds once they are ordered, I am reading All New Square Foot Gardening, which is a method that appeals to me both aesthetically as well as practically. I am trying to decide what varieties of produce to start with this year, and I am overwhelmed with the possibilities. In the past we have frequented farmer’s markets in season, and have belonged to Community Supported Agriculture programs, both of which have helped us expand our horizons when it comes to the amount and types of fresh fruits and vegetables we eat. The idea of being able to go out to my own backyard and harvest the food we will have for that day’s meal is really appealing, especially given how much I hate to spend precious time off at the grocery store. Decisions have to be made soon, since seedlings can be started indoors in just a few short weeks!

The second sign that spring is coming is a new beer put out by the fine people at Samuel Adams, called Noble Pils. As the label promises, the citrus notes do remind the drinker that spring is just around the corner. Delicious, delicious spring.

Third, the rain of the last 24 hours has made most of the grimy snow disappear from my yard. Seeing the grass underneath and feeling mud give under my boots just a little bit also help remind me that this winter too, shall pass.

So, Fabulous Thing #18: Seeing the earth again, imagining what I will grow in it, drinking a beer that tastes of the possibilities.


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