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01.23.2010 Lost, Found January 23, 2010

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On the most even-keeled of days, I am slightly sentimental. On days where emotions might be a little closer to the surface for whatever reason, I sob at cell phone commercials and the final skating performance in The Cutting Edge. (What can I say? I love me some D.B. Sweeney.)

This week, things have been a little closer to the surface. I almost had to pull over when I heard this piece on the radio while the baby and I were driving this morning. If you can, take a minute to listen to the audio available on that link. The presentation isn’t overly saccharine or designed to pull at your heartstrings. It’s a nice piece of reporting about one family’s situation in Haiti that portrays an experience many people can connect with, but does not gloss over the realities unique to their current situation.

I have been overcome with the stories and images of loss and devastation coming out of Haiti since the earthquake last Tuesday. This story doesn’t erase or overshadow those ones; but, it is a story of beginnings instead of endings, hope instead of sorrow.

So, Fabulous Thing #23: Life, finding a way.


2 Responses to “01.23.2010 Lost, Found”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I say, never apologize for liking The Cutting Edge!

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