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01.25.2010 With Hey, Ho, The Wind and the Rain January 25, 2010

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My office is in an old industrial building that has been converted to modern office space, with the huge windows, soaring ceilings, and temperamental wiring that comes along with that. I am lucky enough to have been upgraded to a corner office with a lot of those huge windows, but on the circuit that perpetually blows. I have managed to rig it so my computer is on a different circuit, but my desk phone and lights are often sacrificed to the whims of the weather and the HR woman’s space heater.

Today found me sitting in my office, in a good groove with completing some projects I’ve had on deck for a while (how satisfying it is to have all the right data to fill into a spreadsheet for once!), lit only by the glow of my computer screen. The skies were deliciously dark in the early afternoon, the wind gusting, the rain lashing the windows. There were flash flood warnings, and there was thunder. The severity of the weather was a little thrilling and a little unexpected. Where I live I would have expected a whispering snowfall today, not a booming rainstorm. It felt so cozy to sit there, protected from the elements while listening to the storm rage.

Collecting the baby from daycare was an adventure – pant cuffs sopping wet, confused kid wrapped up like a burrito in a mad dash to the car because the umbrella would have been useless in the wind. When we made it to the car I hopped in back to get him settled in his seat, and we took a moment first to say hello and look at the world outside. My son looked at me with his little palm upturned, his way of asking what’s going on. I gave him the words for rain, and wind, and pointed out the sounds that go with each. He put his hand on the window, and slowly tilted his head over until his cheek was resting against mine. We stayed like that for a minute, watching the storm, our breath fogging up the windows.

As we drove home, I was reminded of one of the many details that my husband has made up along the way about the mysterious past of our rescue dog: his favorite song.

So, Fabulous Thing #25: Unexpected moments, courtesy of the weather.


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