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01.26.2010 Then, Now January 27, 2010

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Today was my son’s first birthday. I haven’t felt this excited about a birthday since I was a very little person myself, and it made me wonder if my mom used to get this excited for my early birthdays.

One strange thing about today was being reminded of where I was and what I had been doing at that time last year throughout the day. Labor and delivery rooms have these huge digital clocks in them, and as I labored those large, red numbers apparently imprinted themselves on my brain. The result was that each time I looked at the clock today, I was immediately in two places. In my meeting and waiting in triage for a nurse to take my blood pressure. In my office and watching the sun come up in the labor room. In my car and watching the sun start to set again in the labor room. Meeting up with my husband and son, minutes before it was THE MINUTE, and laying on the table in the operating room. Then, now.

My husband and I were discussing how we talk about that experience as though it were a blur, but when we stop to really think about it, every moment is crystal clear and sharply defined. I could say the same about my first year as a mother: a big blur, but yet each moment along the way is cemented in my memory.

On the topic of things becoming more defined, did you know that babies don’t have fingerprints when they are born? The ridges and swirls develop over the baby’s first year, forming the pattern that is unique to them. Today, we marked the occasion of my son’s birth by making an impression of his thumbprint, to be turned into a pendant for me to wear. I love this concept, and I am looking forward to being able to wear it, this tiny representation of the growing my son did in his first year on earth.

But the One Fabulous Thing about the day was something so, so simple: the three of us, together at the exact moment of my son’s birth one year later. It was so wonderful to be with the two other people in the world who have the same connection to that moment as I do. (And with the lovely women at the store where we had the thumbprint made, of course).

So, Fabulous Thing #26: Celebrating the moment we went from two to three, together.


One Response to “01.26.2010 Then, Now”

  1. Kelly Says:

    That moment is a special one, that should be remembered every year. I felt honored that it was shared with us.

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