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01.27.2010 Hey, Nice Rack January 28, 2010

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I’ve moved a lot in my adult life. Eight times in the last ten years, to be precise. Through all those moves I have accumulated quite a few houseware-type items that fit really great in one place, but not-so-great in some of the others. I’ve also accumulated a husband, who came with some of his own stuff (My Very Own Husband! Now, With Accessories!). The last move was to a small, cozy house where we hope to stay a while, so there has been a lot of editing of what we have based on what is actually useful and what fits. There was a yard sale last fall and a large donation of the excess furniture, books, and dishes to various charities after that.

But there are still things that have hung around because I’m not sure anyone else would want a used one (Small wastebaskets? Toilet plungers?) and I have a hard time throwing things away that still might have some use to them. Don’t get me wrong – I have no problems getting rid of junk mail, empty boxes and packages, old clothes, and generally removing from my line of sight things that don’t belong there anymore. That’s what the garage is for. And the shed.

One item just kept lurking around the counters of my last several residences, taking up space and making the kitchen look more homey without the benefit of being useful: a chrome, carousel-style spice rack, filled with matching containers of generic spices that haven’t had the capability to add flavor to food since From Justin to Kelly proved that there are, in fact limits to what American Idol can do for a person. The little matching bottles and the shiny finish provided a nice veneer of domesticity for any hapless young men that came by, but the elaborate ruse was no longer needed when I actually learned to cook.

It was a very fabulous moment today when I realized that the spaces in the two-level carousel rack provide a perfect holding place for a selection of K-cups for our new Keurig. It’s like it was made for that purpose. I’m happy that the shiny carousel got a new life, and will get to keep its spot on the counter.

So, Fabulous Thing #27: A new use evolves for the rack that revolves.


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