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02.01.2010 Soup Season February 2, 2010

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In the past week, we’ve eaten a lot of things in bowls. The weather has made our tastes turn to things that can help ease the chill that has taken up residence in our bones. The other night I made a seafood stew that we haven’t had in a while, and with some crusty bread from the bakery around the corner it was the perfect Sunday night meal. Tonight, I made this soup from small tastes.

The title doesn’t lie – it is the easiest soup in the world. So easy, I made it twice  in the same night – one batch with 1/4 the spices for the kid. I did puree that batch, because he’s still a little funny about foods that are both liquidy and lumpy at the same time. I kept the batch for the adults as is, and the lentils and sweet potatoes were easily scooped up with the naan that I made to go with the soup.

The combination of the spices and the coconut milk made for a broth that was tasty on first try, and downright addictive by the last bit that we swiped out of our bowls. Everything about this soup from the color to the scent is warm. It’s just exotic enough for a Monday night, midwinter. The baby also loves his version, so a success all around.

I love trying a new recipe, especially one that is somewhat outside of my normal range of Mexican/Italian flavor profiles, or the typical protein with a starch and veggie that make up most of our meals. I also appreciate that this is a satisfying recipe that doesn’t include meat. For budget, health, and environmental reasons I try to cook at least 2-3 dinners per week that are vegetarian. I dig the Michael Pollan philosophy of “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” It’s a neat trick to go from a handful of dried lentils, a few rough-looking sweet potatoes, and some garlic and onion and dried spices to a delicious meal, and a trick that I plan to pull out of my pantry for many cold nights to come.

So, Fabulous Thing #32: This soup, people! Weren’t you paying attention?


2 Responses to “02.01.2010 Soup Season”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Oh my goodness. I am printing out your post and framing it. I am completely serious. Thank you so much (for everything–for visiting, for trying out the soup, and for writing so warmly about it)!

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