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02.06.2010 Hunting and Gathering February 7, 2010

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Today, I broke with Saturday morning tradition and did not go to Music Together with the kid. Instead, I went shopping with two other women, and the kid stayed home with his dad to rest up for a family party later in the day. We had a mission to accomplish: to buy a gift for my husband’s aunt, who is getting married in a few weeks. After some discussion, we decided to put together a basket of bed and bath items intended for the small lakeside cottage that she bought last year. She and her intended did not register, so it was up to us to select things we thought they would like.

First stop was Kohl’s, for some sheets. We found some nice ones there, and the best part was that they were over 50% off due to an Early Bird Special sale that Kohl’s had going on. I also snagged a new sweater and two other tops, which will make good additions to my work wardrobe. Purchases made before 1pm on Saturday for some items had deep discounts applied. I ended up “saving” more than 125% of what I spent, which from what I understand is not uncommon at Kohl’s, but is sort of ridiculously fantastic.

Next stop was to the small village of shops by my house, for some luxury bath products. Contrary to my fears about shopping at such places, the people working inside them were perfectly lovely and there was no awkward pressure. We were able to find bath fizzy things, scented linen wash, cozy slippers, candles, and other pampering items for the basket.

A lot of you may be thinking, “Errands? That’s what’s so fabulous?” and yes, I guess it was just errands on a Saturday morning. But we found what we were looking for. Easily, perfectly, and on sale. Our shopping mojo was with us and there were no disagreements or “I guess that could work…” statements. I even remembered to pick up a cute card for the baby shower I am attending next weekend, and I never remember to pick up cards ahead of time. It’s a nice feeling when that all comes together, especially when most of the things are intended for someone else.

So, Fabulous Thing #37: Finding the things you are looking for out in the world.


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