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02.13.2010 Click February 15, 2010

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I love the process of taking pictures, and I am happy to live in the age of digital cameras for both the instant gratification aspect as well as the chance for basically unlimited opportunities to capture a subject. I also love looking at pictures, images of my relatives from a time before I was around, pictures of myself in earlier times, pictures of places I have been and places I’d like to go.

A good picture can instantly bring me back to the moment, and as the moments in my life keep piling up I am more and more grateful for tangible things that help me grab on to those ephemeral bits of the past and keep them in the present.

I am usually the photographer in our household, which is a role I am happy to take on. I keep my camera handy and grab it often to catch moments like this:

and this:

The one thing that’s tough about being the photographer is that you are rarely in pictures yourself. My son smiling up at me in the shots I take of him connects me to those pictures, and similarly I feel connected to pictures I have taken of my husband and son together.

Tonight though, I thought to ask my husband to grab the camera as I was nursing the baby down to sleep. In the low light of the nursery, my husband clicked away for a few minutes. Afterward, I downloaded the images. A lot were blurry, some were dark, but there was one amazing picture in there of the baby in my arms, me holding his hand under my chin and looking down at him. I welled up looking at it, a moment captured from just a few minutes before. It was one of those lucky shots that I know will always evoke the feeling of his weight in my arms, the smell of his neck, the sound of his soft breathing.

I wonder what my son will think of when he sees that picture some day. I hope that he can see the look on my face and know that he has always been loved.

So, Fabulous Thing #44: Not letting the moment get away.


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