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02.15.2010 Behind Closed Doors February 19, 2010

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I have one of those cabinets in my kitchen that is a catchall for the random things that don’t seem to have a home anywhere else. Tupperware, a crockpot, a Magic Bullet blender, bibs, trivets, random cans of soda left over from guests, hard liquor that isn’t single-malt scotch, paper napkins, empty applesauce jars, a Cuisinart Griddler, cooling racks for baking…you get the picture.

This cabinet is large, with one shelf set back in the upper half of the space. It occupies real estate that would traditionally just be the blank back of a kitchen peninsula, so it is not easily accessible from the main work area of the kitchen. The open area is both a blessing and a curse, since I love that I can fit my large crockpot in there; yet I hate that miscellaneous tupperware pieces and cans of Sprite Zero get piled all around it to fill up the space, making it difficult to actually get at the crockpot to use it.

Over the last few months the cabinet has taken on more and more stuff as we continually found ourselves saying “Put it in the Random Cabinet” when confronted with a new item that needed a home. Then the baby got mobile, and started getting curious about the Assorted Cabinet of Doom. So we got one of those childproof double-nooses that goes over the knobs of the cabinet, which of course made it more appealing to the baby and less appealing to the adults trying to put away clean tupperware or make a cocktail. Then I found myself starting to avoid using my crockpot or the Griddler because I would have to deal with the avalanche of things that never stacked neatly if I opened the cabinet…and that just wasn’t acceptable. We use the Griddler to make pancakes, and the crockpot to make delicious things like beef stew, and I am not interested in a life devoid of those things. It became a dead space in our house, an area that I preferred not to think about. Then the final straw: I ventured into the cabinet to snatch out a bib and found that a soda had exploded in there. Action had to be taken.

I took the approach of clearing everything out, washing it thoroughly, and wiping out the cabinet itself. The clearing-out process was made easier by my helper:

who loved the array of tupperware strewn around for him to play with. I was able to get rid of some things, store others in places that made more sense, and put everything back in a way that makes things easy to access and (very importantly) easy to put back.

So, Fabulous Thing #46: Reclaiming space, and the items stored within.


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