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02.16.2010 Working It February 19, 2010

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I am temporarily in a position of great power at work, while my lone counterpart as well as my direct boss are on maternity leave. What is that saying, about how great power comes with great responsibility? It’s true in my case. The pressure has been on. A year out from giving birth, my brain has been struggling back to normal functioning bit by bit, and I’ve been concerned that I might be missing things due to not being as sharp as I need to be.

Today, I walked into the office of the person who owns the agency I work for, The Big Boss, to clarify something. He was on the phone, but waved me in. As he spoke to the person on the other line, I realized he was talking to a clinician in my program about an insurance issue and was unsure of how to proceed with it. This is not a clinician that I directly supervise (there are more than 15 in our program, and we service over 100 families at any given time), but some bells went off and I realized I had information that would be useful. I indicated this to TBB, who put the clinician on speakerphone.

I was able to rattle off details of the case, the specific insurance issue, the appropriate acronymns for the relevant programs and funding sources to pursue, a workaround for getting interim services covered, and some encouraging words for the clinician that spoke directly to the work I knew she had done with this family. It felt really, really good.

It wasn’t about impressing TBB, or even that I was able to solve that specific problem. It was more about feeling like the pieces of myself that make me good at stuff like this are back. I’ve missed them.

So, Fabulous Thing #47: Finding things that I was afraid were lost forever.


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