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02.18.2010 Small Faces February 20, 2010

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Today was a rough one. Started with a meeting that involved a committee approach to planning a presentation, then on to a supervision squeezed into too short of a time, then to a meeting with an insurance company that isn’t the biggest fan of our documentation right now. Yikes.

I had my laptop with me all day, and what I am about to admit here is something that will hopefully never get back to any of the people in those meetings. When the chatter got to be too much, and I needed something to remind me that I wouldn’t be stuck in a conference room for the rest of my life, I risked a peek at the thumbnails of the photos I have saved on my computer.

Illicitly scrolling through the tiny images of vacations, Red Sox games, weddings, and the baby’s well-documented life was exactly what I needed to keep going.

So, Fabulous Thing #49: Having my own tiny, portable cheering squad helping me get through the day.


One Response to “02.18.2010 Small Faces”

  1. littlehousesouthernprairie Says:

    yea for thumbnails 🙂

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