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02.24.2010 I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl February 26, 2010

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Have you read any of those articles that promise to advise you in the Top Ten Ways to Save Money? The first one is always making your coffee at home. We have made strides in switching to coffee at home by purchasing a Keurig, and it should start paying us back in money saved any month now. It’s great to be able to have a cup of fresh, hot coffee (or tea, or cocoa) so quickly, and without dealing with any cleanup.

We always have whole milk in the house these days, and since I have been baking a little more we also have sugar. Scooping out teaspoonfuls of sugar from a 5 pound bag is not the most convenient way to sweeten a beverage, and tends to leave a lot of crunchy crystals all over the countertop. We transitioned to using a small tupperware container a few weeks ago, but then I remembered that I am an official adult and should probably own a sugar bowl.

I think that most people end up with a sugar bowl when they register for their wedding loot, but we didn’t register. After settling in our current house we did buy a nice set of dishes that all match and look nice in a cabinet and only get used once in a while, but I did not get the matching sugar bowl or creamer. I’m not a huge fan of everything being all matchy-matchy, so instead of ordering pieces from our set I decided to get something complementary that I’d like seeing and using every day.

On my way home from work today I realized that 1) the baby was not in the backseat (don’t worry, he was accounted for elsewhere), and 2) it was early enough that I could spare 15 minutes to run into a small kitchenware store to see what they had. I found a set that I really like:

These little containers make me happy. I wish that the images these evoke – blue checkered dishcloths, bread baking in the oven, worn butcherblock counters and shiny retro appliances – were more in line with the reality of my kitchen experience – chewed alphabet magnets on a dented fridge, bibs hanging to dry from cabinet knobs, something sticky and crumby on the table. But at least for a few moments as I stir sugar into my coffee I can daydream about the possibilities of what could be.

So, Fabulous Thing #55: Increasing the fabulous quotient of my morning coffee.


2 Responses to “02.24.2010 I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl”

  1. Jennifer Pemberton Says:

    Adorable! I could probably use something like this. We have a sugar bowl, but I also use two sugar bowls to hold kosher salt and freshly ground pepper for cooking. (I like to be able to grab a pinch just like they do on the Food Network.) More than once, guests have put salt into their coffee because they grabbed the salt sugar bowl rather than the sugar sugar bowl.

  2. The labeled “Sucre” bowl would hopefully help with that! I like to measure out ingredients in little bowls for new recipes like on the Food Network, I’ll have to try the salt and pepper thing – especially since my S&P shakers are not that cute, and the salt one clogs up with all of the moisture here.

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