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02.25.2010 Curling, Explained (Sort Of) February 28, 2010

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I’ve been a casual viewer of this Olympics, mainly because a lot of the significant events have happened during times when I have been at work or asleep, and the results are everywhere on the internet pretty much immediately afterward so it’s not really worth recording. I always find the personal stories of the athletes and teams compelling, and the bits I have caught have had that element featured prominently in the coverage.

Tonight, after a day that seemed to stretch on for far too long, my husband and I were relaxing on the couch watching some events that were prerecorded. Since I had not yet heard (or honestly, paid attention to) the results for curling, we left it on. My husband is in between jobs right now and has been spending some time relaxing at home this week, so he has been able to watch more than I have. I had never known him to be a curling fan, but as we watched and I messed around on the internet, he was carrying on and exclaiming like he had money on the event.

He started remarking about “rocks” and “ends,” and I paid more attention. I guessed that he had gotten wrapped up in more of the Olympics than I had thought, and since I had always found curling interesting but sort of difficult to parse I was eager to have him break it down for me. We went on like that for a few minutes, me really impressed at how quickly he had picked it up.

Then he mentioned that the move one of the players made was called a “loonie,” and my antennae went up. He followed that up with an overenthusiatic show of disappointment at what seemed like an insignificant move. I called him out and he admitted that he had no idea what was going on. The fabulous thing about it, besides the laugh, is that he shook me out of the terrible habit I have of turning inward after a long day instead of reaching out and connecting with the one person who can help me relax and unwind the best.

So, Fabulous Thing #56: “Sweeping” a bad day under the rug.


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