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02.26.2010 The Joys of a Freshly Made Bed February 28, 2010

Filed under: Household — onefabulousthing @ 10:30 pm

I’m usually the one who takes care of the laundry in our household (my husband does all of the dishes, so I think it’s a pretty fair tradeoff), but today my husband was home and took it upon himself to change the sheets and make the bed.

We tend to be more of the “pull the duvet up so it more or less covers the bed” type of people rather than actual bed-makers, which I think gives me even more of an appreciation for having the covers all aligned and the pillows fluffed and placed just so. When the bed is made correctly, you can fold down the covers like you are in a  nice hotel, and when you slide in your feet don’t poke out the bottom of a sheet that is askew.

A bed that looks like this entices you to get in it at a reasonable hour, instead of staying up too late watching television or movies that could always wait until another day. For once, we listened to the soft summoning of smooth, clean sheets instead of the siren song of another OnDemand episode of Big Love, and had a fighting chance of starting our weekend well-rested.

So, Fabulous Thing #57: My head hitting a crisp, clean pillowcase – that I didn’t have to change.


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