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02.27.2010 They Do March 1, 2010

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Today was the wedding of the woman who I wrote about a few weeks ago, the woman in my family-by-marriage that chose to wed for the first time at an age where no one expected that to happen. Her sisters thought they had put their bridesmaid days behind them, and her mother never thought she’d have to purchase another Mother of The Bride outfit. But today, she was escorted down the aisle by her brother, and married by her other brother. When the question was asked, “Who gives this woman to this man?” the bride’s seven nephews (there are no nieces) stood in turn from oldest to youngest and said, “I do.”

On the other side of the aisle, the groom’s three grown children were there to support their father. His two sons acted as his best men, and when the time came for them to hand over the rings they turned and faced each other, pulled the rings out of their tuxedo pockets, and in unison turned to the crowd and said, “He went to Jared!” It brought the house down. My father in law turned to me and said, “I think our family has met it’s match.”

As I listened to the rest of the vows, I was thinking a lot about how marriage extends a family. Looking around, I realized that I was now connected to all of the people there because of the union of these two people. It was a neat feeling, making the world seem a little smaller and less lonely.

Through the reception, as I watched the groom’s sons give touching and sincere speeches and dance along with their sister and their significant others, it made me think about what this marriage means for them. I am also the child of divorced parents, but it happened when I was too young to remember any different than my mother being married to my stepfather. To be an adult and go through the process of grieving your parents’ marriage, then opening yourself up to welcome a new partner for your father, is pretty remarkable. To throw your whole self into it, from “Shake Your Groove Thing” to decorating the getaway car, is just fabulous.

So, Fabulous Thing #58: She did, he did, they did, we did.


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