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02.28.2010 Meatballs and Efficiency March 2, 2010

Filed under: Household,Style — onefabulousthing @ 10:46 pm

Given what you faithful readers may have gleaned about me from my posts and pictures here, it probably comes as no surprise that I like IKEA. I like the store, I like the stuff, I like the meatballs. We have an IKEA crib for the baby, and we have a lot of things from this line that keep the baby’s toys under control and out of sight, along with organizing our books and other office stuff.

Today, I was poking around the IKEA website looking for ideas for our bedroom. I found this planner tool that allows you to input measurements and features from the room you are trying to furnish, click and drag different pieces into the room and arrange them, and then view the whole thing in rotating 3D. Then you can look at a list of what it will all cost you. Awesome.

I often have a vision for a space plan that is foiled by the tyranny of actual dimensions of things, and this tool could save me from the disappointment of thinking that I can fit in a dresser here and a mirror there, only to find that I have now partially obscured a window and can no longer open the closet all the way.

So, Fabulous Thing #59: Visions of platform beds dancing in my head…


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