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…because each day has at least one.

03.01.2010 Rabbit, Rabbit March 3, 2010

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Have you ever heard of the superstition that claims if you say “Rabbit, Rabbit” as soon as you wake on the first day of the month, you will have good luck the whole month through? I remember this being a thing for a while in middle school, and ever since then it has reappeared in my life here and there. I thought of it this morning as I greeted my son for the first time in the new month, and it made me think about the funny little things that families adopt into routine or ritual.

In our house, we make wishes when the clock shows all the same numbers (3:33, 11:11). We raise a glass and toast each other and something about the day when we sit down to dinner every night. When we part in the morning we tell each other to drive safely – and if we forget, we call each other from the road. My husband says “Sweet Dreams” when he gets off the phone with his family, a custom that references back to a mixup he made when he was little. We’ve adopted the baby’s language of calling things by their first syllable – “la” for light, “ba” for banana. When my son is done with his dinner, I take his shoes and socks off while he is in his high chair still, pretending that his socks are impossible to pull off. Each night, we say goodnight to all of the family members in pictures on his wall.

Today, for the first time, I came home to be greeted by my son taking steps over to me to hug me as I came in the door. His walking so far has been sporadic, and I am not usually home after him, so this was an amazing and lucky confluence of events.

Of course, he had some prompting by his father who steered him toward the door with an excited, “It’s your mama!” which was pretty wonderful all by itself. I like that we greet each other with happiness and excitement when we reunite after a day, a week, or a trip to the grocery store. I am happy that we’re building our family life around being kind to one another and sweet and silly rituals. I’m grateful that I am starting out a fresh month thinking about how lucky I am.

So, Fabulous Thing #60: Finding luck.


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