One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

03.02.2010 I Have Just One Thing To Say March 6, 2010

Filed under: Food — onefabulousthing @ 9:57 am

The smell of butter sizzling in a pan is so fabulous. I could cook nothing else, and my husband would say, “That smells amazing!” There’s just something about that warm, nutty, homey scent that cures what ails you and promises that tasty things are to come.

This is one of the reasons why I love cooking. I can come home from a day where my desk is not cleared off by the end, where there are messy situations that will not be neatly resolved, where my next steps are not always clear; and as soon as I stand in front of the stove and drop that pat of butter in the pan, I’ve started something tangible that I will finish. And it will be delicious.

So, Fabulous Thing #61: Butter makes everything better.


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