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03.04.2010 Bitten March 7, 2010

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I’m marking the day this year, since it always happens around this time and I’d like some reference point for next year to see how close to the same date it happens next year. It was a few minutes after we got the baby down to bed when my husband turned to me and said, “Mind if I play a round of Tiger Woods before dinner?” thereby ushering in his golf season.

Where we live actual golf this early in the year is dicey, although he hopes to play this weekend if we get the sunshine and 50 degree weather we are promised. He trolls eBay all year long for good deals on clubs, constantly searching for the driver that will be the answer to all of his lost balls. He reads the Golf Magazine subscription that I got him monthly, and keeps the old issues for future reference. But playing Tiger Woods Golf on his ancient PS2 is the definitive sign that he has been bitten by the golf bug once again. It’s a poor stand-in for the real thing, but it seems to help him get his head back in the game.

The timing makes sense – football is over, Spring Training not yet in full swing. A sports deadzone. This was a contributing factor to our decision to get married in March: since no one really has very much going on to distract them, we figured people would enjoy a party. This year is shaping up to a be a great season for him, as his father has decided to take up the game, giving him a local, willing partner; and my husband no longer has a job that is slowly killing every bit of joy in his soul.

Many partners of golfers aren’t overly excited by the amount of time (usually weekend time) that golf takes up in the warmer months. I really kind of like it. Before the baby, it would give me time alone in our house to poke around, read, entertain myself however I saw fit. Or I’d use it as a time to get together with friends. Since the baby, it’s given me some time to spend with my son alone, and last year we filled that with some walks, trips to the library, or early mornings at the beach.

More than that, I think it’s a great hobby for my husband to have. It gets him out in the sunshine, gives him time with his brothers and friends that he doesn’t see often, and delivers him home to me relaxed and content. Win-win.

So, Fabulous Thing #63: Golf season is here!


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