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03.05.2010 He’s Crafty March 7, 2010

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I came home from work this afternoon, triumphant from a quickie shopping trip where I scored a skirt, a necklace, and a belt for tonight’s special dinner out to celebrate my husband’s new job, and I was brought up short by this:

This is my son’s first art project, brought home from daycare. I really thought I’d be writing my post today about the amazing food at Castle Hill (and it was really spectacular), but I had no idea that my son was going to bring home such a masterpiece. Obviously someone else cut out the shapes and applied the glue, but he chose where each one of those pieces went. Okay, it might not look like anything recognizable, but he made it. I made him, and he made this. Extraordinary.

So, Fabulous Thing #64: New artwork for my office.


2 Responses to “03.05.2010 He’s Crafty”

  1. ruby slippers Says:

    oh, how I love toddler art. Nova has been going nuts with the crayons and sketch pad lately. It’s her favorite activity. It’s just amazing to see what they can create, isn’t it?

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