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03.06.2010 Here Comes The Sun March 7, 2010

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Almost two years ago, my husband and I walked down an aisle to Here Comes The Sun, originally by The Beatles, but played in the style of The Acoustic Duo by my stepfather and uncle. I mention this because it is the soundtrack that was playing in my head throughout the day today, as we tentatively and then joyfully opened up the windows, left our coats at home, and reveled in the warm rays. It was at least 45 degrees. At least.

It’s all a matter of perspective. In October, 45 degrees would have found us huddled indoors, sure that Sweater Weather had arrived and would be staying. In early March, 45 degrees is practically summer. The last ten days of rain erased any remaining traces of snow (like how I turned that lemon into lemonade?) so it was easy to let spring into my heart as I drove past the beach on my way to the market and saw the parking lots full of people out to stretch their legs, let their dogs run, and take advantage of the surf.

I didn’t have to hustle in and out of the store, hunched over against the cold. I didn’t dread putting the groceries away in the chest freezer out in the garage. I rolled the windows down for a minute on the way home from the store, but it was a little chilly for that. Too soon. We went for a walk before dinner, my husband and the baby and I. The joy at being OUTSIDE was bubbling over in our neighborhood as passersby waved and smiled at the baby and us, even people in cars. Granted, he is freaking adorable, but it went beyond that. It was like everyone was emerging from hibernation all at once, unclenching our muscles and relaxing into the coming season.There are discernible buds on the trees, and there are some green shoots poking up around the tree in our front yard.

Probably we are letting our guard down too soon, and we might get knocked down with one last snow storm. But the end is in sight, and today allowed us to at least remember that it will be warm again. I think it is around this time every year that I remember why I still live in New England.

So, Fabulous Thing #65: Letting the sunshine in.


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