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03.09.2010 A Man After My Own Heart March 10, 2010

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I have a young relative who is the first baby that I have watched grow up during my adult life. I remember holding him when he first came home from the hospital, and I remember when he started walking and talking, and calling me on the telephone. In the early days of my relationship with my husband, he was a 3-year-old who we took to McDonald’s, where he informed us that “soda is not a good drink for kids” and promptly started to idolize my husband.

He, along with his parents and a little sister, moved quite a distance away shortly after that. I talked on the phone with him and we visited often, and watched him become a little boy who would plead with us to play trains for just a little bit longer, or hide-and-seek one more time (which was made easier for the seeker due to his habit of making noises to make sure he was always found).  During phone conversations he’d tell me all about school and his new bike, and everything I ever wanted to know about fire ants and Cub Scouts. Since he was small, I would always pick him up and twirl around when I first saw him.

Over the last year, he’s become too big for me to twirl. He’s into hockey, and toilet humor, and fishing, and doing things that cool guys do. Even though I feel like we have a special relationship, I think it has been a little tough for him to figure out how a 30ish-year-old woman can relate to him.

In a few weeks, he will turn 8. I spoke to his mother on the phone today to find out what he might want for his birthday, and she let me know that he has recently developed an interest in chapter books and is reading more for pleasure. Bingo, I am so back in.

I have always been a reader. I would take home stacks of books each week from the library as a kid, and make my way through all of them. I loved books that were part of a series, because then the story kept going. I can’t wait to put some time in searching Amazon for some books for him, preferably books that I or my husband read and loved as kids. I am so happy that he enjoys reading at his age, and I hope that he continues to like it. Selfishly, I am also very happy that we will have something new to connect us. I really didn’t want to take up fishing.

So, Fabulous Thing #68: Finding a budding bookworm in my family tree.


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