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03.12.2010 An Open Letter To…You Know Who You Are March 15, 2010

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Once in a while, a piece of written work crosses your path that causes you to nod in agreement, laugh out loud in an “Oh, yeah, tell it!” sort of way, and make you thankful that blogs and social networking sites exist so you can share the truth far and wide.

Today, I read one of those pieces: 25 And Over

I will quote the intro here so that you will be enticed to follow the link and read the rest immediately:

If you have reached the age of 25, I have a bit of bad news for you, to wit: it is time, if you have not already done so, for you to emerge from your cocoon of post-adolescent dithering and self-absorption and join the rest of us in the world. Past the quarter-century mark, you see, certain actions, attitudes, and behaviors will simply no longer do, and while it might seem unpleasant to feign a maturity and solicitousness towards others that you may not genuinely feel, it is not only appreciated by others but necessary for your continued survival. Continuing to insist past that point that good manners, thoughtfulness, and grooming oppress you in some way is inappropriate and irritating.

Grow up.

And when I instruct you to grow up, I do not mean that you must read up on mortgage rates, put aside candy necklaces, or desist from substituting the word “poo” for crucial syllables of movie titles. Silliness is not only still permitted but actively encouraged. You must, however, stop viewing carelessness, tardiness, helplessness, or any other quality better suited to a child as either charming or somehow beyond your control. A certain grace period for the development of basic consideration and self-sufficiency is assumed, but once you have turned 25, the grace period is over, and starring in a film in your head in which you walk the earth alone is no longer considered a valid lifestyle choice, but rather grounds for exclusion from social occasions.

My simple wish for this Friday is that everyone who needs to recognizes any parts of themselves reflected in this essay, and endeavors to make some changes. Failing that, I hope that anyone who reads this and recognizes a certain someone in their lives to whom this pertains is amused and validated.

So, Fabulous Thing #71: Dead-on social commentary.


One Response to “03.12.2010 An Open Letter To…You Know Who You Are”

  1. littlehousesouthernprairie Says:

    wahaha! love it. 🙂

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