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03.18.2010 Ice Cream March 21, 2010

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I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t eaten ice cream since the homemade ice cream shop down the street from my house closed last October, but that statement is pretty close to being true. I’m sure there were some sad little scoops of vanilla ice cream alongside cake at birthday parties, and I may have even splurged on a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s in the last 5 months. But truly, those don’t count.

When I drove by earlier this week and saw that the ice cream shop would be open for the season starting today, I immediately started thinking about how wonderful it will be to stroll up there on lazy summer afternoons with the baby, sitting at one of the picnic tables out front to enjoy our cones and sundaes or taking them to go for a walk around the neighborhood or to the playground. I’m not sure why I had that scenario in my head, because we have never once done that.

What actually happens during Ice Cream Season is we eat dinner at home, and as we are finishing I smile and look at my husband. He takes the hint that he was hoping I would drop all along, and races to get there before they close in the slightly off-season months, and before the line is out the door in the summer. That is exactly how it went down tonight. Coffee Heath Bar Frozen Yogurt to start off Ice Cream Season. Delicious.

So, Fabulous Thing #77: The ice cream shop is open for business.


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