One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

03.19.2010 Sick Day March 21, 2010

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I didn’t go to work today, and my son didn’t go to daycare. Here’s what happened today:

  • We both stayed in our pajamas until 10:30
  • I got a jump on the weekend laundry
  • I took a long, hot shower while my son played on the floor of the bathtub
  • I fell asleep in the chair in my son’s room while he took a nap in the middle of the afternoon
  • We took a walk around the neighborhood before dinner and enjoyed the sunshine

Here’s what didn’t happen:

  • Someone calling me from the office to say that all work had ground to a halt without me there
  • The productivity police coming to my door to give me a fine for mid-afternoon napping
  • My son’s daycare questioning whether or not he was really that sick since we were able to go out for a walk
  • My husband coming home and asking why I hadn’t gotten more done during my day at home

So, Fabulous Thing #78: An unexpected day at home, and not too sick to enjoy it.


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