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03.25.2010 Games People (Hopefully) Play March 29, 2010

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I am realizing that some of the things I select as the One Fabulous Thing of the day have the quality in common that they are, in fact, “things.” That is to say, material objects that cross my path. I am also realizing that some of these things are items I purchase that hint toward the life I would like to be leading, but maybe not exactly the life I am leading.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with this per se, because material items can serve as tangible stand-ins for things that are more ephemeral. I do believe in the Art Buchwald saying, “The best things in life aren’t things,” but I don’t think it’s always an either/or propostion. An example of this is the Fabulous Thing for today: The game Anomia.

I read a reference to this game online today, and after reading the description I ordered a copy. The first thing that attracted me was the description of the game itself, which is centered around random knowledge and information. That is a game that is right up my alley. A few years back, I impressed not only a potential suitor but my own sister with the volumes of random crap I was able to pull out during a winning round of bar trivia (Viva la Team Awesome-O, if any of you are reading!). This marginally-useful but endlessly amusing skill is something that many of my friends share, and it has led to many fun rounds of Trivial Pursuit, Scattegories, Catchphrase, and Cranium over the years and around the country. My husband and his friends are no slouches in this category either.

This is what I was thinking of when I impulsively hit “send” and ordered myself this game: how fun it would be to have all of our friends and family sitting around our (mysteriously much bigger in my fantasy world) living room, playing this game. Of course, they are separated by a lot of distance from one another and from us; but the hope remains that there will be times when they are closer and the kids will be in bed and there will be enough good drink and good food and we won’t all be too tired, and there will be this great game to play and laugh about for hours.

Then afterward, when the people shooting the beer commercial have left, and our friends have gone home, we’ll have a ton of new inside jokes with references to trade on for years.

So, Fabulous Thing #84: A small investment in memories that haven’t been made yet.


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