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03.29.2010 Progress April 1, 2010

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Remember how I started that whole Apartment Therapy Spring Cure a few weeks ago? Today, I feel like I am starting to reap the benefits.

I just finished the second week, where the concentration was on deep cleaning the kitchen and creating an Outbox. Getting the prompt and having a deadline to scrub out my fridge and restore order to the cabinets was helpful, and it felt really good this morning to open the refrigerator door and see sparkling shelves and nothing scary at all.

But the Outbox concept is fabulous. The basic idea is to go through each room and pull out things that just aren’t working where they are, in function or in form. You then move those items to a designated box or area – not to discard, but just to reconsider and decide on later in the process.

This morning, I realized that I am moving through my home with new eyes. I am starting to let go of the guilt that keeps some things around, the guilt that comes from being the recipient of a well-intentioned gift that is very lovely in theory, but in the way and a dust-collector in practice. I am starting to realize that the stress of the random basket that holds pens and pennies and batteries of questionable charge and miscellaneous Allen wrenches is weighing me down, and I feel so much lighter now that it has vacated its accusatory perch on the kitchen peninsula.

I have also pulled out things from one room that would really work well in another, and I never would have made that change if not nudged into it by this process. I believe that physical spaces have energy and flow to them, and it is amazing how that can be discoverd or restored with a few small changes.

Today, as I looked around at my newly-edited space and added a few more things to the Outbox as I went about my daily routine, I started to get a little bit of a crush on my house again. I don’t know if it’s going to be a long-term thing, or maybe just a summer romance, but it’s nice to have that spark back.

So, Fabulous Thing #88: Discovering that less can give you way, way more.


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