One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

04.01.2010 Lush-ous April 5, 2010

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One thing that has made my life a little more fabulous over the past few years is discovering the simple pleasures that LUSH products have the power to give. Ocean Salt and Handy Gurugu were my gateway drugs. I swear that Vanishing Cream is responsible for my C-section scar being practically nonexistent a year after it was created. I took a Sex Bomb on vacation last year, and it was the best bath I’d had in a while.

The actual products aside, the best thing about going to a LUSH store is that you always get like six free gifts when you buy stuff. That’s how they get you. An extra Bath Bomb here, a massage bar there, and before you know it you are hooked on a new seasonal scrub or foot cream.

Because my husband is a kind and thoughtful sort of man, he braves the wall of scent that you must break through to enter a LUSH store to get me nice treats from time to time (the Fair Trade Foot Lotion is a staple now, thanks to him). He always gets like ten extra samples, probably because the women at the store also think that he is a kind and thoughtful sort of man and want to reward him for being so (or they know how to spot a man who is besotted enough with his wife to shell out that sort of money for fancy soap and foot cream). A week or so ago, he was at the mall and picked me up some nice soap, Alkmaar and Figs and Leaves, and got a sample of Dream Cream along with some other things thrown in.

Tonight, I took a shower after letting Jillian Michaels kick my ass around the living room for a while, and decided to soothe my sore muscles by using the Dream Cream instead of my regular old CVS generic lotion. Well. I am forever spoiled for regular old lotion. It wasn’t too greasy, it had a light scent that was really pleasant, and it made my skin feel like silk. Maybe my husband isn’t completely altruistic after all…

So, Fabulous Thing #91: Dream Cream.


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