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A Meta Moment April 27, 2010

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As I’m about to hit “Publish” on the 100th Fabulous Thing of 2010, I’m struggling a little bit. I’m not struggling to find a Fabulous Thing to write about each day, in fact sometimes I have more than one good contender. I am finding myself having a difficult time with what I’m not writing.

Maybe it’s understood that the bright points of every one of my days are balanced out by some darker things, but I have been feeling a little caught up in recent weeks with the weight of those darker things, and how strange and incomplete it feels to be writing about flowers and clean houses when there are harder things happening.

Then I go back to the idea that this is exactly the point of having this blog, and of trying to tease out the points of light from among the darkness…

So here is my disclaimer, that will hopefully allow me to continue to transfer the pieces of things that I think about and write every day onto this space without all of the hemming and hawing: I am acknowledging that the posts I make here are only part of the picture, and in no way negate the other very real and true things that also occupy the span of a day. But they do make those things a little easier to confront.



3 Responses to “A Meta Moment”

  1. Frydaze1 Says:

    I’m so glad you posted that.

    Of course you have negative stuff going on. And possibly some *really* bad stuff. But anyone can focus on the ugly and bitch about it in a blog.

    The happy people choose to focus on something beautiful, and to be grateful for it, even in the midst of the ugly.

    And that’s something to admire.

    One Fabulous Things today: You. Focusing on the good.

  2. littlehousesouthernprairie Says:

    Hang in there! The dark is heavy, but I hope it passes soon.

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