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04.11.2010 Life is Grand May 4, 2010

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When I was first dating my husband, he told me one day that he had just gone to his grandmother’s house to get some pointers from her on his golf game. Apparently, she was the winner of some league championships back in her day at the local country club, explaining that she needed to do something with her time while her husband worked on his game. This made me think two things:

  1. What a sweet guy
  2. This woman sounds like someone I need to meet

I was right on both counts. You know how everyone seems to like to give new parents advice about getting babies on a schedule – no this way, not that way! –  and how you will spoil them if you pick them up too much, blah blah blah? Well, my husband’s grandmother told me this upon the birth of her first great-grandchild: “There is so much that is hard and cruel about life, you show that baby every kindness you can, don’t worry about what people tell you to do.” Amazing.

Over the past few years it has become a family tradition to spend the Sunday of the Masters golf tournament with my in-laws and my husband’s grandmother, and today we did exactly that. To be clear, out of respect for my husband’s grandmother’s wishes, we were not rooting for Tiger (“Shameful business!”). Since I am not a big enough golf fan to be riveted to the screen for every second of the round, I spent some of the afternoon sorting through clothes that had been handed down to my son from a co-worker of my mother-in-law, who is currently raising her great-grandson with her husband.

We have been the lucky recipients of approximately a ton of little boy clothes in beautiful condition from this woman over the past year, and we are so grateful for her thoughtfulness, and good taste in clothes. Grandparents are meant to spoil their grandkids, so when you have great-grandparents raising a child, you can only imagine how many adorable swim suits and sweater vests result from that situation.

So there I was this afternoon, surrounded by the generosity of a great-grandmother I had hardly met, with a stomach full of food provided by my son’s grandparents, watching my mother-in-law patiently walk my son around the neighborhood to see the big kids play basketball, and then all of us laughing as his great-grandmother taught him to play peek-a-boo by covering his eyes with his chubby little hands, and I could only think about how lucky this child is to know the love of so many generations.

So, Fabulous Thing #101: Love, passed down.


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