One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

About January 1, 2010

The purpose of this blog is to provide a space for reflection over the next year (Starting a blog for the next year on January 1, how original, right?) on the things that happen each day that might otherwise go unremarked upon, be they truly significant or ultimately superficial.

My intent is to identify a moment, experience, event, item, or quality of each day that stood out as the One Fabulous Thing about that day, and spend a few moments contemplating about what made it so. Each day seems to speed by so fast, and I find myself wishing away hours to get to the end of workdays, days to get to the weekends, weeks to get to some other milestone…but all the while my life is being lived in those hours and days and weeks, and the meaning of my life is made up of all of those moments.

Why would anyone else care about one (sort of ordinary and average) woman’s search for meaning in her life? Well, I don’t know that they will, actually. The name of this blog is a little tongue-in-cheek, since from the outside my life is not what most would consider “fabulous.” I have followed a fairly traditional trajectory in life so far – college, grad school, job in my field, living alone with cats, cohabitation that didn’t work out, cohabitation that did, dog, wedding, house, baby – and I don’t have any fascinating hobbies like rollerderby or knitting (yet). I drive a Honda. I do like to cook things from scratch, figure out minor home repair projects, and I plan on starting a garden this year to see how well I can do feeding my family from things that I grow.

I also like to read any words that will stay still on a page or screen, take pictures, find new music to love, parent my child the best way I know how, endlessly redecorate my house in my head, daydream with my husband about chucking our professional careers and opening up a small business together or writing children’s books, and try things that frighten me just a little (see: this blog). I am lucky enough to do work I really believe in, which allows me a window into a wide range of human experiences that I find endlessly compelling.

Many times though, those human experiences that I am observing trend toward the struggling, difficult end of the spectrum. Within those struggles is the potential for amazing growth and change, but overall my days are essentially about dissecting problems. Add to that the seemingly pervasive culture of complaining-as-competitive-sport that dominates most conversations, and you have a fertile ground for looking at life through a fairly negative lens. Hence the decision to contemplate one fabulous thing each day, as a counterpoint. It seems too easy to find meaning in struggle and hardship, anyway. (Joke).

I absolutely welcome and hope for comments, suggestions, and Fabulous Things of your own as I make my way through the next 364 days, either here or at

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Pam Says:

    Good for you, Fabulous! I do love a positive person – and you’re absolutely right that every day has bright bits. Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone made a point of noting them?

    Let’s hope you’ll convert lots of people with this blog.

    • Thanks Pam! At the very least it’s a good exercise for me, both in the emotional sense and the writing sense. If other people read along and take something from it, even better! Thanks for reading.

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