One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

01.01.2010 – Beginnings January 1, 2010

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First day of the new decade, first day of the new year, first post on my first blog. The fabulous thing about today is the blank-slateness of it all. I have a new 2010 planner, fresh and clean and waiting for my New-Year’s-Resoluted self to fill it up in organized, creative, and meaningful ways.

Not that 2009 didn’t have its share of  creativity and meaning…it’s just that a lot of that was in retrospect, reflection, and rearview-mirror glimpses. Today marks the beginning of a plan to reflect daily on the events that are shaping my life as it unfolds, with the intent of living my life more consciously.

The factors that seem to get in the way of that are, in fact, pretty fabulous things themselves. I have a husband, a baby, various and assorted friends and family, a dog, two cats, a job, and a house demanding my attention on a daily basis. I know, I know – really unique situation I find myself in, right? But I guess that’s the point – it’s not unique on the surface of it, but it’s the particular moments making up those days that are remarkable.

At least to me. And maybe to other people who may read what I write here and think about their own Fabulous Thing from that day, or find an experience amusing in the retelling of it, or a certain recipe that might be worth trying, or a small item that might make your life a tiny bit more spectacular.

Or maybe just to me. This is where I acknowledge the self-indulgent nature of this blog, I think. I like the idea of putting things out there with the intent of keeping myself honest and accountable to my goal of contemplating the good points of each day, and with the hope of providing something to people out there who might take a moment to read along.

So, Fabulous Thing #1: Beginnings. Looking down the road of a new year, full of adventures not yet undertaken, delicious food not yet eaten, milestones not yet reached, planners not yet all scratched out because I stupidly wrote things in pen. Cheers everyone.