One Fabulous Thing

…because each day has at least one.

04.01.2010 Lush-ous April 5, 2010

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One thing that has made my life a little more fabulous over the past few years is discovering the simple pleasures that LUSH products have the power to give. Ocean Salt and Handy Gurugu were my gateway drugs. I swear that Vanishing Cream is responsible for my C-section scar being practically nonexistent a year after it was created. I took a Sex Bomb on vacation last year, and it was the best bath I’d had in a while.

The actual products aside, the best thing about going to a LUSH store is that you always get like six free gifts when you buy stuff. That’s how they get you. An extra Bath Bomb here, a massage bar there, and before you know it you are hooked on a new seasonal scrub or foot cream.

Because my husband is a kind and thoughtful sort of man, he braves the wall of scent that you must break through to enter a LUSH store to get me nice treats from time to time (the Fair Trade Foot Lotion is a staple now, thanks to him). He always gets like ten extra samples, probably because the women at the store also think that he is a kind and thoughtful sort of man and want to reward him for being so (or they know how to spot a man who is besotted enough with his wife to shell out that sort of money for fancy soap and foot cream). A week or so ago, he was at the mall and picked me up some nice soap, Alkmaar and Figs and Leaves, and got a sample of Dream Cream along with some other things thrown in.

Tonight, I took a shower after letting Jillian Michaels kick my ass around the living room for a while, and decided to soothe my sore muscles by using the Dream Cream instead of my regular old CVS generic lotion. Well. I am forever spoiled for regular old lotion. It wasn’t too greasy, it had a light scent that was really pleasant, and it made my skin feel like silk. Maybe my husband isn’t completely altruistic after all…

So, Fabulous Thing #91: Dream Cream.


03.20.2010 First Day of Spring March 21, 2010

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The first day of spring found my son and I on the beach before lunchtime. We headed to the paint store in the morning, where a lovely and knowledgeable woman helped me select the appropriate products for painting the wood trim in our house as part of my Spring Cure efforts, then carried the things out to my car for me so I could wrangle the kid.

After that, we poked around a consignment store and found a Raggedy Ann and Andy toybox on wheels that should be helpful in decluttering his room, with the added bonuses of adding a retro touch to the decor and saving one thing from the landfill.

Next stop was supposed to be a gardening store to pick up some soil to start seeds, but my son’s patience was wearing thin. Because I am a lucky duck, our route home from errands passes right by the town beach. It was such a gorgeous day I decided to pull in and see if the baby wanted to feel the sand in his toes for a while. He did.

I happened to have my camera in my purse in case I saw any home furnishings that inspired me, but it turned out my inspiration today was less stationary and more sandy.

We stood holding hands at the edge of the water, and let the icy cold waves lap at our toes. Two very nice girls watched my purse and our shoes. My son made a beeline for some other child’s shovel and pail, and I made a mental note to get him his own as soon as possible.

At home the windows were all open. The baby ate his sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwich with a small side of sand, then crashed for a nap. When my husband got home from golfing and the baby woke up, we went for a walk around the neighborhood and talked about very important things and very silly things.

Back at home, the baby went down for bed and I cooked dinner. There were pastries for dessert. We didn’t go to bed too late.

Welcome, spring.

So, Fabulous Thing #79: I can’t find one thing about today that wasn’t fabulous.


03.05.2010 He’s Crafty March 7, 2010

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I came home from work this afternoon, triumphant from a quickie shopping trip where I scored a skirt, a necklace, and a belt for tonight’s special dinner out to celebrate my husband’s new job, and I was brought up short by this:

This is my son’s first art project, brought home from daycare. I really thought I’d be writing my post today about the amazing food at Castle Hill (and it was really spectacular), but I had no idea that my son was going to bring home such a masterpiece. Obviously someone else cut out the shapes and applied the glue, but he chose where each one of those pieces went. Okay, it might not look like anything recognizable, but he made it. I made him, and he made this. Extraordinary.

So, Fabulous Thing #64: New artwork for my office.


02.28.2010 Meatballs and Efficiency March 2, 2010

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Given what you faithful readers may have gleaned about me from my posts and pictures here, it probably comes as no surprise that I like IKEA. I like the store, I like the stuff, I like the meatballs. We have an IKEA crib for the baby, and we have a lot of things from this line that keep the baby’s toys under control and out of sight, along with organizing our books and other office stuff.

Today, I was poking around the IKEA website looking for ideas for our bedroom. I found this planner tool that allows you to input measurements and features from the room you are trying to furnish, click and drag different pieces into the room and arrange them, and then view the whole thing in rotating 3D. Then you can look at a list of what it will all cost you. Awesome.

I often have a vision for a space plan that is foiled by the tyranny of actual dimensions of things, and this tool could save me from the disappointment of thinking that I can fit in a dresser here and a mirror there, only to find that I have now partially obscured a window and can no longer open the closet all the way.

So, Fabulous Thing #59: Visions of platform beds dancing in my head…


02.24.2010 I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl February 26, 2010

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Have you read any of those articles that promise to advise you in the Top Ten Ways to Save Money? The first one is always making your coffee at home. We have made strides in switching to coffee at home by purchasing a Keurig, and it should start paying us back in money saved any month now. It’s great to be able to have a cup of fresh, hot coffee (or tea, or cocoa) so quickly, and without dealing with any cleanup.

We always have whole milk in the house these days, and since I have been baking a little more we also have sugar. Scooping out teaspoonfuls of sugar from a 5 pound bag is not the most convenient way to sweeten a beverage, and tends to leave a lot of crunchy crystals all over the countertop. We transitioned to using a small tupperware container a few weeks ago, but then I remembered that I am an official adult and should probably own a sugar bowl.

I think that most people end up with a sugar bowl when they register for their wedding loot, but we didn’t register. After settling in our current house we did buy a nice set of dishes that all match and look nice in a cabinet and only get used once in a while, but I did not get the matching sugar bowl or creamer. I’m not a huge fan of everything being all matchy-matchy, so instead of ordering pieces from our set I decided to get something complementary that I’d like seeing and using every day.

On my way home from work today I realized that 1) the baby was not in the backseat (don’t worry, he was accounted for elsewhere), and 2) it was early enough that I could spare 15 minutes to run into a small kitchenware store to see what they had. I found a set that I really like:

These little containers make me happy. I wish that the images these evoke – blue checkered dishcloths, bread baking in the oven, worn butcherblock counters and shiny retro appliances – were more in line with the reality of my kitchen experience – chewed alphabet magnets on a dented fridge, bibs hanging to dry from cabinet knobs, something sticky and crumby on the table. But at least for a few moments as I stir sugar into my coffee I can daydream about the possibilities of what could be.

So, Fabulous Thing #55: Increasing the fabulous quotient of my morning coffee.


02.06.2010 Hunting and Gathering February 7, 2010

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Today, I broke with Saturday morning tradition and did not go to Music Together with the kid. Instead, I went shopping with two other women, and the kid stayed home with his dad to rest up for a family party later in the day. We had a mission to accomplish: to buy a gift for my husband’s aunt, who is getting married in a few weeks. After some discussion, we decided to put together a basket of bed and bath items intended for the small lakeside cottage that she bought last year. She and her intended did not register, so it was up to us to select things we thought they would like.

First stop was Kohl’s, for some sheets. We found some nice ones there, and the best part was that they were over 50% off due to an Early Bird Special sale that Kohl’s had going on. I also snagged a new sweater and two other tops, which will make good additions to my work wardrobe. Purchases made before 1pm on Saturday for some items had deep discounts applied. I ended up “saving” more than 125% of what I spent, which from what I understand is not uncommon at Kohl’s, but is sort of ridiculously fantastic.

Next stop was to the small village of shops by my house, for some luxury bath products. Contrary to my fears about shopping at such places, the people working inside them were perfectly lovely and there was no awkward pressure. We were able to find bath fizzy things, scented linen wash, cozy slippers, candles, and other pampering items for the basket.

A lot of you may be thinking, “Errands? That’s what’s so fabulous?” and yes, I guess it was just errands on a Saturday morning. But we found what we were looking for. Easily, perfectly, and on sale. Our shopping mojo was with us and there were no disagreements or “I guess that could work…” statements. I even remembered to pick up a cute card for the baby shower I am attending next weekend, and I never remember to pick up cards ahead of time. It’s a nice feeling when that all comes together, especially when most of the things are intended for someone else.

So, Fabulous Thing #37: Finding the things you are looking for out in the world.


01.30.2010 Fabulous By Association January 31, 2010

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I have always loved going to get my hair cut at a salon. I’m not one to be too precious about my hair, so I don’t get anxious about how it will come out – it always grows back, right? The actual cut is a little beside the point anyway, because the really great part is getting fussed over for a bit. I love getting my hair washed, and the place I go to now has these amazing reclining massage chairs at the sinks, and they usually do some sort of deep conditioning treatment that means I get to relax there for a few minutes with the massage action going and a hot towel covering my hair. Bliss.

Over the last year, I have come to look forward to haircuts even more, because of the stylist I have been seeing since shortly after the babe was born. I first went to her when I was about 6 weeks postpartum, my father-in-law bravely offering to stay with the baby for an hour so I could make the appointment. It was nice to take some time for myself and have an hour to not be on Baby Alert, but it was even nicer to find such an amazing stylist.

My appointment today was an example of what makes this stylist, K, so great. The salon itself smells good, sounds good, looks good. There is furniture I wish I had in my own house, tea that I wish I could source, and music that represents deep cuts from a true music lover’s playlist. The stylists are all interestingly and effortlessly beautiful. This is a place where people are happy. K greets me and compliments my hat, worn because the day so far has been a rush of wake up-change baby-get stuff together-music class-back home-lunch-cleaning-appointment, and my hair was not on that list of To Dos. She asks about the baby, she gets me some tea, she chats with me about how the last cut has grown out and what I’d like to have done today. She doesn’t talk at all while I relax in the awesome chair by the sink, and then engages in easy conversation with me while she works. She points out another stylist’s shoes, something like these, and talks about how she likes those over the kind with the peep toe because the peep toes can look a little too fierce.

Did you catch that? She’s talking to me as though I might be someone who would wear shoes like that, and debate over the relative fierceness of different styles. Me, who is wearing her probably one-inch-too-short housecleaning jeans, with green argyle socks that show a little too much when wear these pants. Me, who always realizes when I sit down in her chair that I need to pluck my eyebrows, like three days ago. Me, who is a full decade older than she is and wore shoe booties like that the first time they were trendy, when I was in the 6th grade. Love her.

I don’t mean to sell myself short. I try to dress in clothes that are current and flattering, but my best efforts are not reserved for Saturday afternoons at the hair salon, so K wouldn’t even know what my best effort looks like. The first time I went to see her I was still in elastic-waisted maternity jeans. I also don’t mean for this to sound as though a 31-year-old mom and a 21-year-old stylist would never converge on their fashion choices – as I’ve said, I don’t like to put people in boxes like that.

There’s just something so genuinely warm and open about her, something that comes through when she talks about her family, her boyfriend, the puppies that her parents’ dog just had, fashion. She’s really personable, not in that fake honey-baby-sweetie way, but in a way that instantly draws in the people around her and makes them feel included. I get that this is part of her job, but it’s fabulous to come across someone who has so obviously found what they love to do and is great at it.

Also, my hair has never looked better.

So, Fabulous Thing #30: Finding someone who makes you feel fabulous inside and out.